You would never guess the number of vehicles, landmarks, and clothing that could be embellished with the infamous 6 striped rainbow pride flag. That is unless you’ve been to San Francisco at the end of June. Drawing over one million people from all over the world, the whole city of San Francisco erupts in a burst of rainbow and a swelling of acceptance at its annual Pride Celebration and Parade. It is the largest LGBTQ event in the country and during the two-day celebration, it takes over downtown San Francisco. It is also a time that you see many savvy brands on the streets making the statement, “The values of SF Pride are the same as the values of our brand!”


To the people attending the festivities, SF Pride is a fun, energy-packed day that gives people license to fully enjoy being themselves. As a brand, SF Pride is not so different. It presents a unique opportunity to showcase a brand’s values to an underserved audience in a format that is light and celebratory.  If done right, it can be a move that benefits both the brand and attendees. More than ever, consumers are searching for companies that match their own principles and often these principles will be considered with the same level of scrutiny and care as a company’s products and services.


At YBR, we serve as the messengers of your brand and each year we can be seen getting that message out to the rainbow masses through a variety of formats. Due to the large percentage of attendees that come to Pride from outside of SF, about 80% of total attendees according to a 2014 survey by SF Travel, Pride marketing is better spent on branded merchandise than event print materials. Items like: chapstick, condom matchbooks, rainbow sunglasses, fans, or sweatbands are fun and unique ways to have people remembering your brand months after the rainbow glitter has all washed out of their hair. While the main events are the Civic Center celebration and the Market Street march, SF Pride extends to many other related events such as the Dyke March in Dolores Park and the Pink Mammoth Block Party. Our promoters will be out at all of these events; helping people like you reach new customers and helping attendees find their new favorite brand, and possibly, a new favorite pair of sunglasses?