A Beautiful Day


YBR Promotions was thrilled to be partnering with Sephora to assist in marketing the Grand Opening of one of their new store location in Berkeley California!

Being an expert in all this beauty Sephora did not disappoint their loyal customer base and pulled out all the stops to get peoples attention in this fun and interactive campaign.
Sephora paired free mini-makeovers with fun, styled, makeup patches of beauty products like lipsticks or on-trend beauty styles like dramatic cat eyes and kept their branding on point by placing the patches on top of black and white striped cardboard, the Sephora staple, which drew attention to the brand.

Sephora fans loved not only the look but also the size of them. They were perfectly quaint, they fit nicely in a pocket or hand, small enough to take one of each and not feel weighed down, and Sephora will enjoy continued marketing as girls attach these adorable patches to bags, totes, and jackets that will be sure to draw in a lot of attention!