How real people can shape your brand identity and connect you with your consumers

People are the face of businesses, so choose yours well. The human connection is more important than ever for brands. Your company’s brand identity can either blossom or burn based on its representation in the physical world. State Farm’s slogan may be, “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There”, but if their customer service agent speaks to a customer in the office with a scowl, you can bet that customer won’t be spreading positive feedback about them, let alone ask to borrow some sugar.

The problem is, regardless of how well you train your staff, people are interacting less and less with brands physically and it can be hard to shape a genuine and trustworthy brand image purely online. This is where brand ambassadors come in. Brand ambassadors come in many forms but put simply: Brand ambassadors are real people who embody a brand’s image, support its products or services and actively start positive conversations around them.

While there are a variety of brand ambassador roles, including celebrity spokespeople or digital influencers, this article is primarily focused on ‘experiential brand ambassadors’. These are, specifically, paid ambassadors who represent the face of your brand for a specific marketing event or experience. More cost-effective than spokespeople, these types of brand ambassadors shine the brightest in experiential marketing campaigns and branded events, bringing enthusiasm and character to your branding. We often see companies that endure waves of criticism and negative publicity for not acting in line with their brand identity. A well-trained brand ambassador campaign has the ability to turn that negative publicity on its head. Experiential brand ambassadors are the ideal carriers of your brand message and can hand-deliver branded experiences from your company directly to your audience, building trust and good publicity, while shaping your company’s brand identity in the process.

It’s not complicated, people like to buy products from other people. Unlike traditional forms of branding, using experiential brand ambassadors brings brands and consumers face-to-face. That face-to-face interaction is what makes experiences with experiential brand ambassadors so memorable. Brand ambassadors allow human-like bonds to be formed between consumers and brands.

It can’t be overstated just how important finding the right experiential brand ambassadors are for achieving effective brand ambassador campaigns. A few critical traits that we look for in all of our experiential brand ambassadors include:


Responsibility is key in brand ambassador campaigns. This person has your brand’s image in their hands and they need to hold it in high regard. This means a smart, punctual ambassador who knows what they are talking about and handles their materials responsibly.

Great ambassadors need to be great communicators. You’re looking for someone who is friendly and welcoming; outgoing but professional; a story-teller. This needs to be more than just a conversation between your brand and the audience, but also between your ambassadors and your company. Providing a vivid brand-image to the audience while bringing in important audience feedback and insights to the company is a huge part of what makes a good brand ambassador so beneficial.  

The work of an experiential brand ambassador is not a calm one. It is one of handling rapid changes in plans and adjusting to a variety of different audience types with grace and a big smile. A good brand ambassador can create effective solutions when problems arise, work in a variety of environments, and handle sporadic working hours.


At YBR, we make the process easy to find the right brand ambassadors for your campaign. If you’re running a campaign in California, consider us the next time you want to bring a human touch to your branding!