Go Viral with Peer-to-Peer Flyer Marketing

San Francisco Flyer Marketing (flyers are also referred to as handbills or postcards) while one of the oldest forms of marketing, is still incredibly effective and relevant. The person-to-person effect of marketing is one that is impactful and long-lasting. Having someone promote your brand face-to-face creates an interpersonal dynamic with the consumer, and allows them to ask questions and get a true feel for your brand or event. While digital marketing has taken a strong upward trend, many of our clients have found that digital marketing can be oversaturated and that adding San Francisco flyer marketing, or poster distribution, is a cost-effective and efficient solution to ensure they reach their target audience.

YBR Promotions handles the most challenging part of flyer distribution; choosing the right areas to target to make sure that your company‚Äôs materials get into consumers’ hands. Flyers can be distributed hand-to-hand at events, colleges, and high-traffic areas, or can be displayed in key locations such as local businesses, retailers and cafes. Additionally, YBR can assist you with the design and production of your printed materials. There is no more affordable way to get this type of exposure than with flyer marketing.

There are many positive aspects of flyer marketing that clients appreciate. The brand ambassadors are given detailed information to share with the public about your product, service, or event and can answer questions accordingly right there on the spot. Additionally, if consumers have questions, complaints, or praises that come up in discussion during the flyer distribution, that information can be taken back to the client to share with their team. It is a fantastic way to get direct feedback in an honest but casual way. Learn more about the needs, likes and dislikes of your target demographic, while still spreading the word about your business.

Since flyer marketing is the first service ever offered by YBR 20 years ago, the management team has decades of experience and expertise of the Bay Area market. Boasting a 25 person in-house street team, the high level of care given to each campaign is unparalleled. And with a partner network of other street teams around the U.S., YBR can provide multi-city and nationwide campaigns.

Whether you are a tech start-up looking to launch your new app, a first year festival, or a seasoned company looking to do a new launch or rebrand, YBR can assist you with building awareness on the street and beyond. Working with national brands, local businesses, non-profits, and start-ups, our team is committed to helping you find the unique combination of marketing solutions to fit your budget and vision.

As a full-service creative marketing agency, YBR recommends pairing your street marketing campaign with other OOH, digital, and traditional marketing strategies or even a creative experiential activation. Contact YBR for a free consultation and chance to learn more about all of the ways we can help you take your brand and business into the future of advertising. Let the word on the street be praises about your brand or business.