Bay Area Experts Specializing in Brand and Entertainment Marketing

YBR Promotions is approaching its 20 year anniversary as the premier Bay Area marketing agency. With its roots in street marketing, this San Francisco-based marketing agency boasts a client roster that includes heavy-hitters like Live Nation, Cirque Du Soleil, the San Francisco Giants, and the SF Museum of Modern Art to name a few. While the company does work with some of the biggest names in brands and entertainment, this Bay Area marketing agency also includes clients that are start-ups, local businesses and non-profit establishments, as well as supporting marketing initiatives for health, education, and political reform.

As the only Bay Area marketing agency with an in-house street team, YBR Promotions has 25 brand ambassadors employed by the company to assist with spreading awareness of brands, businesses, events and entertainment. YBR offers comprehensive marketing campaigns which include street, digital, and experiential advertising tactics. Services range from flyer and poster distribution to OOH offerings such as billboards, mobile advertising, and geo-fenced ads.

For those with a conservative budget or looking for extremely targeted marketing, our street marketing solutions are your winning ticket. Whether you need booth management at a college, conference, convention, or festival, additional staffing needed at your event, or desire a creative marketing solution like an experiential activation, we’ve got you covered. Our street team does peer-to-peer flyer distribution at colleges, concerts and music festivals, sporting events, theater shows, city fairs, and other high-traffic areas. In the modern times of digital saturation, this hand-to-hand approach is exponentially regaining popularity, as it allows for a human connection and interpersonal influence in the flyer exchange. With an informed street team, each ambassador is well informed about the product or event they are promoting, and can also answer questions to the public and provide direct feedback to the client about what people are saying on the streets.

If you are looking for greater exposure and have a larger budget, our large format ads throughout the city and greater Bay Area are a perfect choice. SFMTA marketing targets 700,000 commuting passengers daily and includes light rails, buses, cable cars, and station marketing. YBR also offers billboards which can be targeted by market, neighborhood and demographic. Some popular high-traffic billboard locations include the highway leading up to the Bay Bridge, specific freeway junctions, and near the San Francisco and Oakland airports. Some other popular choices include digital urban panels located in downtown San Francisco, wrapped box racks, as well as digital and print newspapers.

For digital solutions, YBR offers email blasts, SEO, social media marketing and other digital advertising with select partners. With a tight network of trusted advertising and production partners, YBR can fulfill all of your marketing needs with the intimacy and hands-on approach only found in a boutique agency. We walk through this process together, in tandem with your marketing team and any other partners, making sure we meet your KPIs and get the best ROI for your investment.

Whether you are a start-up, national brand, sports team, conference, festival, an event producer or tech company trying to launch a new app, we work with every industry sector, customizing campaigns based on our extensive marketing capabilities, to get you the results you desire.