High Visibity, Eye-Catching Marketing That Fits Your Budget

San Francisco Poster Marketing is highly impactful because it allows your event to be seen easily in high traffic areas. Acting much like a mini-billboard, your poster catches the eye of people entering retail or cafe locations or passing down the street, and gives them an opportunity to read about your business on the spot. San Francisco poster marketing involves hanging your posters inside businesses such as retail shops, local businesses like hair or nail salons, dry cleaners, or grocers, as well as cafes, fitness studios, or any select businesses that may fit your desired demographic. Poster marketing can also include hanging posters on the streets in high-traffic areas or larger events such as street fairs and festivals.YBR has over 1,000 locations throughout the extended San Francisco Bay Area that we partner with to gain maximum exposure for our clients.

YBR Promotions works with you to create poster marketing campaigns across the Bay Area, choosing the right cities and neighborhoods to target to make sure that your advertising materials are seen by your desired audience. Our team can also assist you with the design and printing of your posters if needed. Many clients choose to combine poster distribution campaigns with other street marketing like flyer distribution at colleges, retail, or events or promotional swag distribution.

Poster distribution is perfect for announcing your event, promoting an artist, album, or film, for educational purposes, hiring staff, or any important announcement. While it is a grassroots marketing tactic that has been around for ages, many companies are returning to this form of direct marketing because it is both cost-effective and has impressive results.

The YBR street team has very clear training around best practices when it comes to placement of posters. All businesses give their consent for placement of your materials, often this may be in the front window or on display in a place inside with high-visibility. Care is taken to ensure that your materials are hung with aesthetics in mind, and business management is informed about the information on distributed collateral, with the hopes that is shared by them as well with their patrons. Typical poster sizes are 8.5×11 or 11×17. Anything larger may be problematic for in-store placement, as space is often an issue. If you are interested in larger format ads, please inquire about some of our other OOH offerings like wild postings or digital urban panels. Recommended poster quantities are 50-100 per neighborhood, or 250-500 per city. Turnaround time varies but most campaigns can be completed in as little as two to three weeks or can be extended throughout the year as needed. Please note that laws vary between cities, so check with your account manager for details for outdoor posting.

All poster campaigns are custom created for each client’s desires, demographic, and timeline. Photo documentation and written reports are provided for each campaign. Whether you have a specific neighborhood you want to target, or need massive exposure across the Bay Area and beyond, YBR Promotions is here to get the job done right.