Brand Ambassadors

Do you have an upcoming event that requires staffing? Are you looking for support executing your activation at a conference or festival? At YBR Promotions we can provide you with experienced and well-trained brand ambassadors to represent your brand or business.

We have been a performance-based marketing agency, working for hundreds and thousands of businesses across San Francisco, San Jose, Mountain View and Bay Area since 1999. Our managerial staff and team of Brand Ambassadors work with each client to create a campaign that will connect with your target audience. We understand the diverse, dynamic Bay Area market that you want to reach and know what will connect with your audience here. We have worked with numerous companies to reach their goals by creating effective Brand Ambassador teams.

Brand Ambassadors

Here are 10 ways a marketing agency can help your brand or business.

1. Professional assistance to handle pre-event planning, event promotion, data capturing and reporting.
2. Creating in-depth, segmented consumer reports.
3. Allows your team to focus on translating activation data into results for your brand
4. Concept development support to ensure you measurable goals and clear objectives.
5. Help in choosing effective giveaways. Giveaways, or “swag”, are an integral part of a professional branded event marketing    campaign’s effectiveness.
6. Agencies make sure that every element of your campaign adds value.
7. Agencies make sure that campaigns and events align with your brand identity and interest your target consumer.
8. Skilled demonstrations of your products.
9. Clear communication of your brand’s consumer benefits.
10. Comprehensive activation production and execution.

Benefits of hiring Brand Ambassadors:

• Brand ambassadors speak for your business, services, products and consumer benefits to real people so you don’t have to.
• Brand ambassadors help humanize your brand.
• Brand ambassadors can provide helpful, direct from consumer feedback on your business, services and products.

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