Flyer Distribution

Why choose YBR Promotions for flyer distribution?

Flyer Distribution (flyers are also referred to as handbills or postcards) while one of the oldest forms of marketing, is still incredibly effective and relevant. The person-to-person effect of marketing is one that is impactful and long lasting. Having someone promote your brand face-to-face creates an interpersonal dynamic with the consumer, and allows them to ask questions and get a true feel for your brand or event. While digital marketing has taken a strong upward trend, many of our clients have found that digital marketing can be oversaturated, and that adding street marketing, such as flyer or poster distribution, is a great way to insure they reach their target audience.

A cost effective and efficient option for Event Marketing is flyer distribution. YBR Promotions handles the most challenging part of flyer distribution; choosing the right areas to target to make sure that your company’s materials get into consumers hands. Flyers can be distributed hand-to-hand at events, colleges, and high-traffic areas, or can be displayed in key locations such as local retail and cafe businesses. Additionally, we can assist you with the design and production of your printed materials.

Flyer Distribution

Our team at YBR works to:

•    Understand your target audience.
•    Identify high-traffic areas where your target audience lives,         works or hangs out to distribute your materials.
•    Consult with you on the design and production of your materials.
•    Create thorough reports on where your materials were     distributed, including photo documentation.

Where will YBR Promotions distribute my flyers?

•    Music festivals
•    Concerts and live music events
•    High-traffic city areas
•    Sports events
•    City fairs and festivals
•    Special events
•    Parades and street fairs
•    Holiday events
•    Conventions and conferences


YBR Promotions provides ample photo documentation for all poster campaigns, so that you can see where your materials have been placed and how they look in each location. This serves to hold our team accountable for the materials we are distributing.

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