Poster Distribution

Why choose YBR Promotions for poster distribution?

Poster distribution is highly impactful because it allows your event to be seen easily in high traffic areas. Acting much like a mini-billboard, your poster catches the eye of people entering retail or cafe locations or passing down the street, and gives them an opportunity to read about your business on the spot. Posters can be hung inside businesses, displayed in business windows, and/or hung on the streets in high-traffic areas.

A cost effective and efficient option for Event Marketing, YBR Promotions works with poster distribution clients to choose the right areas to target to make sure that your company’s materials are seen by your desired audience. YBR Promotions can also assist you with the design and printing of your posters if needed.

Poster Distribution
Working with YBR, clients shall receive:

• Strategic placement – YBR chooses the neighborhoods your audience live in and businesses that they frequent.
• Compelling designs – YBR works with you to design your posters, determine what size and paper stock to use, and other relevant decisions that insure an effective poster distribution campaign.
• Cost effective – posters cost less to produce and distribute than many digital campaigns.


YBR recommends producing posters that are NO LARGER THAN 11×17. (8×11 posters are also a common size and are the legal size required for outdoor posting).

For clients who want to utilize street promotion but are not interested in distributing flyers, poster distribution is a great option.

Where will YBR Promotions distribute my posters?

• Outdoor events
• Inside cafes, clothing stores & other local businesses
• Concerts and live music events
• High-traffic city areas
• Sports events
• City fairs and festivals
• Special events
• Parades and street fairs
• Holiday events
• Conventions and conferences


YBR Promotions provides ample photo documentation for all poster campaigns, so that you can see where your materials have been placed and how they look in each location. This serves to hold our team accountable for the materials we are distributing.

Contact YBR Promotions to build your poster distribution campaign!